Although AviUnite is a UK based company we want all of our users to be able to created and upload their content to the grid safe in the knowledge that their creations are safe. We therefore are now operating under the rules and regulations set by the Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA).

Digital Media Copyright Act is a US law which give creators control of how and where there creations can be used, be this textures, music, prim based objects, scripts and images to name a few. Copying of any creations in virtual worlds without the expressed permission of the original creator is a violation of copyright and will not be tolerated.

If a creator finds their creations are being used without their expressed permissions they are able to issue a DMCA take down notice. All DMCA reports can be reported here: DMCA Report. Please ensure you provide a valid email address. The AviUnite DMCA staff will then send you details of what you will need to provide for us to process your claim. You must be the original creator and be able to provide sufficient proof of this.

Please note at this point AviUnite does not pre-screen any contented uploaded to the grid.


1. Using the contact us page the original creator will file their first complaint.
2. The original creators are required to fill in the DMCA form which will be send via email.
3. The content will be removed from the grid with in 72 hours and the owner notified.
4. The current owner will have 5 days in which to respond to any reports made against them.
5. The original creator will be informed within 7 days of all action taken to protect their creations. They are then able if required to take further action towards the offender in line with US DMCA laws.

In all cases of DMCA disputes the Privacy Policy is void and if required information will be provided to governing bodies.
AviUnite does not accept any responsibility for copy righted items within the grid as we do not pre-screen any uploads.
As AviUnite is UK based following take down notices and procedures it is then the responsibility of the original creator to file any further disputes with relevant DMCA organisations.
Please also note false claims will be dealt with as severe as genuine claims.

People who are found to be breaking the laws of DMCA can and will a face permanent ban from AviUnite. In line with our TOS account termination and suspension rules.

Further details of DMCA can be found at the links below:

Effective from: 2nd December 2012 Updated: 4th April 2017


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