The AviUniteTeam

Corne AviUnite - Technical Manager

Corne started out in virtual worlds over 11 years ago, since then he has been a creator, landlord.

For the past 7 years Corne was the co-founder of Haven Your World - now AviUnite.

He is has overall responsibility of the technical site of the grid, ensuring regions and the grid as a whole are running as it should be. As well as making improvements along the way.

Languages: Dutch and English

Cheryl AviUnite - Support Manager and Web design.

Cheryl started in virtual worlds around 9 years ago, in the past she has had many roles in virtual worlds including managing a role play region, nightclubs and more recently as a creator.

Cheryl first co-founded Haven Your World along with Corne back in 2010. Before re-launching the grid as AviUnite in 2017. 

Cheryl is responsible for the AviUnite website, social hub and resident support. 

Languages: English

Savino Svm - Senior Support Mentor

Savino has been an explorer of virtual worlds for quite a few years, with experience of hosting regions in various virtual worlds.

Savino is also a seasoned support mentor happy to help anyone in need of a helping hand. 

Savino also help to train and support new mentors at AviUnite.

Languages: Dutch and English

Blake Gadberry - Senior Support Mentor

Blake is fairly new to virtual worlds but has experience of programming and has picked up scripting in world quickly.

Blake describes himself as a friendly guy who is happy to help.

As part of Blake's role at AviUnite he assists with testing and creating scripts to enable the grid to provide services.

Languages: English and wanting to learn Spanish!


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